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Every month, one of our pastors writes an article for the congregation as part of our newsletter entitled The Advance.  Below is the article from March 2015

    We all crave to hear a real-life Easter message.  News stories about hooded terrorists kidnapping and beheading fill the front page.  Planes crash into mountains. The violence between the police and citizens sends us reeling. 

   Then in our own circle of family and friends we hear of death and debilitating illness.  Cancer is a perennial fear.  Research has made many cancers treatable that once were fatal, but there are more than enough varieties of the disease that still become for some a death sentence

   Let’s add the diseases that scare us as they threaten to permanently diminish mental or physical function, and each added year of life increases our risk of being a victim of them . 

Included in what brings our desire for an Easter in our lives are the institutions we have treasured over the years that seem to be dying off, church being among them.

  Yes, we long for resurrection.  As the 40+ days of Lent draw to a close, we are weary of singing “dirgey” songs in a minor key.  We want to trade in the grey suit and wear springy pastels.  We want to sing “Christ the Lord Is Risen Today.”  Life is too short to be so gloomy for so long. 

At this writing the church is still on its annual pilgrimage to the Cross of Good Friday.  But the day will come soon when Lent will fade and Easter will provide a much needed blitz of joy. 

Lent is longer than Easter, and bad news will keep coming even after Easter.  Illness does not disappear when the women approach the empty tomb.  We don’t need a false sense of bliss.  We need REAL resurrection, one that visits the life we know.

Friends, the real Easter message proclaims that terror, illness, and violence are never the last word.  They happen all too readily, but God gets the last word.  The grace of God is this:  We can mess it up, but we can’t blow it!  Human beings may act as irresponsibly as the proverbial “Sorcerer’s Apprentice,” but God will always take the pen from our hand and write the final chapter.  Happy Easter!

Pastor Peter












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