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Every month, one of our pastors writes an article for the congregation as part of our newsletter entitled The Advance.  Below is the article from June/July 2014:

From the Pastor

A family story of St. Martin family lore goes like this.  Early in the marriage of my mother and father they purchased a rug for the living room.  One day Dad came in to the house to see that Mom had spent considerable time combing the rug fibers all in one direction.  When Dad went to sit in an easy chair, Mom halted him before he stepped on the freshly preened floor covering.  She told him that he would make tracks on the carpet. 

Usually my father was one who played along with people’s wishes, whether he agreed with them or not, but not this time. It just seemed ridiculous in their small house to set aside one room as a showpiece with chairs unavailable for sitting and carpet that feet couldn’t enjoy its soft cushion.  After all, this room was not designed to be a museum!  In this rare occasion Dad defied Mom’s wishes and their living room was truly used for its intended purpose:  living!

Generally speaking God seeks to meet with us “in the flesh,” “in the land of the living.” God’s home will ultimately be with us.  The words used in Revelation 21:3 are the same ones used to describe a camping experience.  Ultimately God doesn’t want to be formal with us, but to pitch a tent right next to ours.

In this spirit I introduce to you a new worship opportunity that will roll out this fall. We want it to be a far less formal event than what we do on Sunday morning, less polished, and more “easy.”

  In the coming months we will be asking for donations to create a “living room” encounter with the Almighty.  Among other things we hope to collect your usable “cast-off” sofas and easy chairs.  More on this later.  We are still working through the particulars!


Pastor Peter





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